English Language Network of Refugees

Language education for adults in refugee camps and contexts

At ELNOR, We...

Provide English language education and skills training to adults living in refugee camps and contexts.
We believe language learning allows for self-expression for those who are seeking relief and brings professional and social opportunities when establishing a new life.

We Are Unique Because...

Unlike a traditional in-person classroom, our 1:1 tutoring and group classes run completely online with flexibility and stability to participate whenever is best for students.

Many English tutoring programs are only available to refugees once they are out of camps. Due to the nature of refugee camps, in-camp education can be unstable and easily disrupted due to inclement weather, funding cuts, and overcrowding. This makes it difficult for students to receive personalized attention at their level.

The Situation

100 million

people around the world have been forced to flee their homes (UNHCR 2022)

>26 million

people are refugees (UNHCR 2021)

Over 1%

of the world's population have fled their homes as a result of conflict or persecution (UNHCR 2022)

Who We Are

Our name ELNOR, pronounced ‘el-nour’ (النور) in Arabic and Farsi, means the light. This word is a guiding principle of our program as we seek to offer hope, support new beginnings, and promote long-term change for marginalized people.

English Education

We believe that language and education are pillars of sustainable resettlement and integration. Through personalized tutoring and group classes, we promote lasting positive cultural interactions while empowering refugees.

We have accomplished so much in just one year!


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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are energetic, adaptable and committed to education and human rights.