About Us

ELNOR's Unique Approach

Many English tutoring programs are only available to refugees once they are out of camps. Due to the nature of refugee camps, in-camp education can be unstable and easily disturbed. Fires, inclement weather, and funding cuts disrupt programs without warning. Classes are often overcrowded and have waitlists. This makes it difficult for students to receive personalized attention at their level.

ELNOR is unique because unlike a traditional in-person classroom, our completely virtual tutoring model offers individuals 1:1 attention, with flexibility and stability to participate whenever is best for them.



ELNOR provides English learning materials and 1:1 tutoring to adults living in refugee camps. We believe that language learning allows for self-expression for those who are seeking relief and brings professional and social opportunities when establishing a new life.


  • Use technology to cover educational needs for camps globally
  • Improve social inclusion, employability and wellbeing of refugees
  • Support students and their language qualifications after resettlement
  • Increase awareness about issues affecting refugees
  • Unite global citizens to advocate for a world in which refugee camps don’t exist

Meet The Team

Isabela in front of American flag

Victoria Jones, Cofounder and CEO

Victoria oversees program implementation, curriculum design, research, and budgeting. She is a former teacher who has worked with students worldwide. Through a SITE fellowship and a Fulbright, she taught students, many from immigrant or refugee backgrounds, in Italy and Colombia from 2017-2019. She also served twice as an assistant at the United Nations FAO for the Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic, and has written about issues of statelessness of Dominicans of Haitian descent. Victoria graduated from Harvard in 2017 with a degree in Government, and completed her master’s in International Social and Public Policy at the LSE in 2020. She is passionate about the power of education and how it can be used to create a more just and equitable world.

Isabela Secanechia, Cofounder and COO

Isabela directs the operation of lessons, collaborates on the curriculum design, and manages administrative tasks and staff coordination. She has always been drawn to exploring the ways in which education, migration, and culture impact socioeconomic mobility. She has six years of teaching experience, and through the SITE fellowship and TAPIF, she taught English in underserved communities in both Italy and France. Her insight about international development and education grew through her experiences at the US Department of State and the French Embassy in Washington, DC. Isabela holds a BA in Italian and International Studies from Arcadia University. Currently, she is completing her MA in French from the Middlebury Language Schools, and is pursuing her MPA at the LSE.

Layana Abu Touq, Cofounder and CPO

As Chief Policy Officer, Layana manages and responds to the research needs across the spectrum of development, talent, grant proposals, and policy, and works with different stakeholders to bring resources and evidence-based solutions to education access in refugee camps. Prior to ELNOR, Layana has worked for the New York Public Interest Research Group where she managed six projects to deploy social justice advocacy ranging from higher education access to civic engagement, healthcare, and combating poverty. Layana holds a B.A. in Psychology from The City College of New York, CUNY, and an MSc in International Social and Public Policy from the LSE. She is passionate about education policy as it interplays with equity, social justice, and the global distribution of resources.

Suzanna Varrichione, Cofounder

Suzanna helped ELNOR get off the ground by building fundraising strategies, recruiting volunteers, and managing corporate partnerships. Suzanna’s entry into international organizations began in 2016 at the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations. Over the course of three years, she conducted research on humanitarian matters and assisted in the passage of resolutions dedicated to securing vulnerable groups from violence. Suzanna has a BA in Political Science from Vassar College and an MSc in International Social and Public Policy from the LSE. She is honored to be a founding member of ELNOR and now serves the organization as an advisor. She believes in the power of education to combat cumulative inequality.

Stanton Geyer, Project Manager

Stanton works on various aspects of ELNOR’s research, advocacy, and programming. He began volunteering with ELNOR in the spring of 2021, and joined as a full-time staff member in June. His responsibilities include researching educational needs in refugee camps, facilitating partnerships with NGOs on the ground, and maintaining social media and other marketing research and design. Stanton finished degrees in Global Politics and Arabic before joining our team, and has previously volunteered with related NGOs in Texas, Lebanon, and Egypt.