At ELNOR, we believe and are working towards a world in which refugee camps don’t exist. In a world with exceeding wealth for some, no one should have to live in the conditions that those face in refugee camps. As a team, we ask you to join us in learning more and advocating for structural change that makes refugee camps an extremely temporary experience if not completely obsolete. 

Moria is Europe’s largest refugee camp. After a fire in September 2020 this camp has been relocated to other areas of the Greek island of Lesbos. Many people living in refugee camps have very limited access to formal modes of education, and the COVID-19 disruptions put them at a greater disadvantage as it disconnected them from in-person volunteer tutors while they have limited access to internet and electronic devices to participate in virtual learning programs.

Why English?As the status of international lingua franca remains, proficiency for those building a new life in Europe or elsewhere is absolutely critical. Proficiency in English is vital for those currently in refugee camps facing uncertain futures. This is especially...

EdTech Solutions in Humanitarian Contexts

What is the future role of technology in education in humanitarian contexts?    The current panorama of the technology industry is witnessing the rise of newer technological solutions to a growing array of fields. Recently, a flourishing demand for tech has originated...

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